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Content Silos Cause Business Problems


How often are you hearing in the press about market shocks within businesses where unexpected problems have occurred. This is often because of content silos that have formed inside the business.

In business today, so many people have experienced the problem of software and systems that apply to a single project, product, department or even function that they just assume it will always be a problem.

And what a problem it is. It causes poor budgeting and forecasting, it can cause ASX and ASIC queries about why the market wasn't informed sooner, and shareholders are much more likely to take actions and call for accountability today than ever before.

So, what is content siloing?

It is where content...information, statistics, results, transactions...even as simple as business contacts, is created and stored in one system or software application and is not available to the rest of or other parts of the business.

This means reporting relies on a process of collection, analysis and amalgamation using manual methods or at best, re-keying data into yet another system. All of which takes a lot of time and causes delays, not to mention the need to verify and check for errors.

In the mean time, business continues on relentlessly and decisions are made without the current data or with long delays. As a result market information can be substantially behind and calls for better and earlier disclosure are constantly made, with enquiries and please explains coming from ASX and ASIC and the media.

There are ways of solving these problems and while it might not happen over-night, a structured process of progressively replacing legacy systems with an enterprise wide system such as Office Automator will bring content accessibility, transparency, timely reporting, security and risk minimisation. In addition OA delivers automated processes and automated amalgamated reporting with business wide storage and search. One system for crossing departments, office locations and country locations. It is possible to solve the problem of content siloing and you can find out more at Content Silos solved.