BPMS Automator : Business Process Management System

Business Process Management

Have you ever wanted to automate your business processes the way you want to work?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to operate your business using someone else's process because "that's the way the software works...". 

BPMS Automator, from Office Automation, lets you take YOUR business processes and rapidly automate them saving your business substantial resources, money and time... all while empowering your staff for massive productivity gains .
Business Process Management drives business effectiveness, productivity and flexibility while aligning your organization with the wants and needs of your clients. While information systems are key to achieving this, disparate and conflicting information systems often work in isolation from business processes and are poorly aligned with business strategy and objectives.

BPMS Automator overcomes these issues by integrating easily into different environments. It automates not only routine tasks but also sophisticated processes, including complex exception handling involving people, applications, information and other systems. With fully featured Enterprise Content Management and Communications Management capabilities, BPMS Automator is also highly effective in standalone implementations.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office, provides a familiar platform for most users, while delivering a highly efficient set of Business Productivity Tools.

Dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators allow an enterprise to visualize business critical operations and take pro-active control. This leads to greater agility and the ability to quickly take advantage of market opportunities as they arise as well as the ability to quickly modify or add business processes to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity
Standardized automated processes improve efficiency and reduce costs. Users have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Track Everything – Lose Nothing
Every document, drawing, email, attachment, letter, fax and phone discussion is numbered, stored and tracked.

Standardized, automated processes are designed to meet ISO9001, ISO20,000 and other standards making compliance, and compliance auditing, simple.

Legal Enforcement and Auditability 
BPMS Automator satisfies record retention requirements for admissible evidence. All transactions, edits and changes are time stamped and fully auditable.

Executive Dashboards can be focused to monitor your key performance indicators

Style Management
Every document, email, fax and letter created automatically complies with corporate standards on a company, project and package level.

So What Makes Office Automator different to other products who claim they can do this?

You can't afford to wait Contact us now and find out for yourself exactly how OA is different.