ECTS Automator : Email & Communications Tracking System


Email and Communications Tracking

With ECTS Automator, You Will Never Lose An Email Or Communications Record Again!

Link all communications with the Project, Business, Client or Department. Secure auditable records that are secured long after your project has completed.

Communications Management is a key issue for most companies. In particular, the huge volume of emails sent and received daily make archiving and later searching for specific content - often required for legal reasons - almost impossible.
Most email programs also allow users to retrospectively modify email contents, ruling out the use of emails as evidence. A lack of a centralised company-wide contacts database also hampers business efficiency.

ECTS Automator, from Office Automation, overcomes these issues and delivers a powerful, flexible solution for storing and tracking email, phone calls, faxes and physical communications such as letters and tender documents. A central contacts database makes managing customer and employee information simple.

ECTS Automator integrates tightly with Microsoft Office for correspondence, emails, tasks and calendaring, minimizing user training. All communications (including attachments) are recorded, tracked, cross referenced and (in the case of emails) threaded, making them easily searchable and auditable. Outlook is the prerequisite for ECTS but we do not care what your backend mail system is. 
If your thinking about indexing your mail server forget it as ECTS removes the need to do this forever.


Track Everything – Lose Nothing
Every email, email, attachment, letter, fax and phone discussion is numbered, stored and tracked. Powerful cross referencing, correlation, email threading and search capabilities make finding information simple.
ECTS Automator timestamps all communications and prevents any alteration or removal records.
Legal Enforcement
ECTS Automator satisfies record retention requirements for admissible evidence.
Style Management
Every email, fax and letter created automatically complies with corporate presentation standards on a company, project and package level.
Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity
Standardized automated processes improve efficiency and reduce costs. Users have the communications tools they need at their fingertips.

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