EC Automator : Total Business Management for Electrical Contractors


Electrical Contracting Business Management

Is Your Growth Limited By Your Business Systems?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have your business dependent on you being there every hour of every day.

EC Automator, developed by Office Automation, will increase profits and reduce administration time by hundreds of hours per year for electrical contractors. It automates core processes including job control, time-sheets, invoicing, purchasing and inventory control. A simple field interface suitable for notebooks and laptops allows field technicians to record hours spent and book out parts from site. By eliminating paper work and streamlining the billing process EC Automator dramatically increases productivity in your business.
Total Project Control
EC Automator allows you to keep track of all aspects of your projects in real time, including your costs vs budget  Go to Project Control for more information.

Total Job Control
EC Automator allows you to keep track of all aspects of your Maintenance and other Jobs in real time, including your costs vs budget. Click on Job Control for full details.

Total Stock Control
EC Automator provides a complete stock control system which lets you manage stock purchased for projects and jobs as well as stock in your warehouse.   Find out more at Stock Control.

Time Management
With built-in time and activity management, you will also know how much time your tradesmen are spending on every activity. See Time Management f or more information
Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity
Standardized automated processes improve efficiency and reduce costs. Users have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Track Everything – Lose Nothing
Every document, drawing, email, attachment, letter, fax and phone discussion is numbered, stored and tracked.

Standardized, automated processes are designed to meet ISO9001, ISO20,000 and other standards making compliance, and compliance auditing, simple.

Legal Enforcement and Auditability 
EC Automator satisfies record retention requirements for admissible evidence. All transactions, edits and changes are time stamped and fully auditable.

Executive Dashboards can be focused to monitor your key performance indicators

Style Management
Every document, email, fax and letter created automatically complies with corporate standards on a company, project and package level.
EC Automator integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Small Business Server, keeping it really simple for your employees.

Contact us to find the control you never dreamed possible for your electrical business. We talk about taking you from being buried deep in your business to being on top of your business.