Email and Communications Tracking System Productivity Tools


ECTS Productivity Tools

Email Manager integrates within Outlook to provide communications management and tracking in an environment familiar to most users.
Email Manager enables users to: Create emails automated with your business style, registration, coding and revision processes; Register and manage emails and automatically track email threads; Use the centralised contact database.

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Communications Tracker provides a centralized view of the database of all informal communications including emails, phone call journals and diary entries. It has powerful filter and search capabilities, including the ability to view email conversation threads and integrates with Outlook Tasks and Calendar functions.

Contacts Manager is an extended centralised global contact repository for employees and external contacts. Contacts Manager integrates with Outlook Tasks, Outlook Calendar and telephone systems. It also provides Call Journaling – while the user is on the phone they can make, file and email notes about the conversation.
Document Generator uses Automated Transaction Templates   to create Letters, Faxes, Email Documents, Memos and Call Reports. The documents are automated with your business style, registration, coding and revision processes and will automatically be given a transaction number. Correspondence can be cross referenced and associated if required.
Mail Manager provides multiple ways to collect all incoming and outgoing physical mail to form a part of your knowledge base by Recording and tracking incoming and outgoing mail, its storage location, location of any electronic copies, cross references and associations.
transaction manager image Transaction Manager is the control centre for the built in Enterprise Content Management System. It allows users to access and manage all formal transactions, documents drawings, spreadsheets and other documents to which the user has permissions.