Why Office Automator

"I've Heard This All Claimed Before" You Say - Or Have You?

Some background: Office Automation have been developing Office Automator (OA) from within EPCM projects for over 15 years. This development of the OA Software Applications Suite has been to allow companies, both the Engineer and/or the Client, to secure and automate all aspects of the EPCM Project - from developing and delivering a library of some 1,600 detailed OA Automated Transaction Templates (such as datasheets and technical specifications) to the OA Contracts and Procurement ITT and Contract Generation and Management system that automates this key business process, saving days of work and process costs.  To date, we have not found a single development, challenge or issue that we have not been able to automate to deliver the efficiencies that industry needs.

For businesses that are Quality Assured or seeking the same level of control OA follows exactly your business model plus adds the discipline and automation to those processes that is lacking in traditional paper based Assurance systems. No more non-conformances as staff have to follow the predefined business processes by simply doing their jobs using business tools they are most familiar with or they cannot proceed. Take control of your business. 

The application is totally unique in its approach to managing projects or businesses where the users work within the business or project model. This allows the system to know in what area the user is working and manages all workflow, business process, document management, revision and version control without the need of the user to be caught up in how they go about doing their job, they simply focus on what needs doing and all within a standard Microsoft Office environment.

The product can be used for whole of business, or a division, or projects, a process or even simply a task. Within a major world wide miner it managed contract creation and supervision and when documents created were finalised at project completion were then forwarded on to Documentum for final storage. Also for this miner minor purchase order numbers required during site construction were generated in SAP and the PO number passed to OA. OA then commenced the procurement process  for the minor purchase orders and once the process was completed consolidated business information was automatically passed back to SAP.
We have found the same principles apply to almost every sort of business, not simply EPCM based business, and have automated many of these.
If the business requires,
  • compliance and conformance to business processes and workflow,
  • a comprehensive audit trail in respect to all transactions or actions undertaken,
  • the capture of relevant business data in a secure separate database simply from the creation and updating of business documents, capture all emails and converstaion threads etc, 
  • conformance of your personnel to corporate document standards and
  • the empowerment of personnel by supplying them with the information they need to do their jobs and negating wasteful time searching for previously created documents, drawings, emails etc or using the wrong versions of these, 

then OA is the tool to deliver this.

In addition integration with other business systems is relatively easy so that data from different sources can be stored and leveraged. We talk about entering data once and updating this across multiple platforms as the business requires. The database and file store are to US defence department standards and is a secure as possible so hacking is highly unlikely and damage by malicious personnel negated. User security of the system is based on Active Directory with additional layers of security added. Control down to a node level of a model of who can see and get access to what business applications and information.

Lastly, the changing of business processes and workflows, applications and programs applied to business data, modification of business/project models, tasks, functions etc is not the role of a technical code cutter. With the application suite comes a rapid development toolset, utilities and programs that cater for all these tasks and would allow authorised project or admin personnel or business analysts the ability to create, modify or extend the system even to the extent of creating database fields and storing business information in a separate database. Development or modification time is slashed dramatically as the flexibility means changes to business model or project model to add functions or tasks is virtually instantaneous and negates the need for technical computing skills. 

15 years of development that has resulted in an applications suite that none of the big boys can come anywhere near in capability, at this time that we have seen anywhere in the world, and an opportunity to have a truly integrated, flexible and powerful application suite to do just about anything that can be desired and all within a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional software applications.

Contact Us now and find out just how different the OA application suites are and how they can drive your business to greater heights and to achieve competitive advantage.