What is Office Automator?


Office Automator is a suite of applications which provide:

  • Full Enterprise Content Management
  • Full Communications Management
  • Style Management for all documents and communications
  • Drawing Management
  • Automated Document Creation
  • Automated Document Transmittal
  • Automation of Standard Workflows, Project Specific Workflows and Document Templates
  • Automation of Project Specific Workflows including Project and Package Management, Contract Management, Contract Variations Management, Resource Scheduling and Tracking.
  • Project and Package Registration


Structure and Function

Office Automator, models and automates existing business processes, including all aspects of workflow: tasks, roles, decisions, approvals, reviews, escalations, collaborations, flows, rules, policies, forms and other documents, events, goals, objectives and scenarios.
Staff retraining is minimized as employees continue to use familiar Microsoft Office tools into which the Office Automator capabilities are tightly integrated.
Office Automator can coordinate any type of interaction pattern among users, system tasks and information resources, regardless of the location of these resources.

At the core of Office Automator is OA-FS, a secure structured (hidden) file system which stores all business documents and a centralized database which is broken into three parts:
  • Transaction Database – tracks all the information relevant to registered documents thus providing all the capabilities of a full document management system.
  • Contacts Database – provides a central repository of contact information.
  • Communications Database - tracks and records all email threads in an auditable fashion.

Users don’t need to know how the file system is structured to find their data, they simply work with their data using the Business Productivity Tools and Office Automator automatically tracks and files all the documents, transactions and data in the correct locations.