DMS Automator : Document Management System


Document Management System

The Ultimate in Document Control

Global compliance requirements, geographically dispersed teams and a desire to more effectively manage information, are challenges faced by large and small organizations alike.

DMS Automator, by Office Automationintegrates easily into different environments and is designed to support corporate workflows around document and other record creation, retention and destruction, thus ensuring that companies can meet legal obligations in a cost effective manner. It is also flexible enough to work well in more loosely structured environments that better support collaboration.

Documents are stored in a secure document store according to the way the organization works, making documents simple to locate. (No more - I know I created this document but where did I put it) The system also has powerful search mechanisms, cross referencing and association capabilities to allow groups of documents to be easily managed. The software will support the easy mapping of organizational, or industry standard document types and metadata into the repository.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office, provides a familiar platform for most users, while delivering a highly efficient set of Business Productivity Tools. This means very little training is required as your staff most probably use these tools everyday.
Track Everything – Lose Nothing
Every document, drawing, letter, or other file is numbered, stored and tracked. Handles all file types - no limits to found to date.

DMS Automator timestamps all document transactions and prevents any alteration or removal of records. Know who has done what to which documents automatically if you like.

Legal Enforcement
DMS Automator satisfies record retention requirements for admissible evidence.

Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity
Standardized automated document registration processes improve efficiency and reduce costs. Users have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Complete Access Control
DMS Automator provides a powerful but easy to use mechanism to control who has access, edit and email rights to documents within the secured document repository with the control based on Microsoft's Active Directory

Call to have a session online or face to face and let us show you what the other DMS systems are lacking. You will be very pleasantly surprised. If you a are thinking SharePoint as a solution then come and view a product with tons more capability. However we can leverage SharePoint in you really want as well.

So why is the OA suite different to other applications?

Contact us now and find out just how different DMS Auotmator really is.