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EPCM Management

Accelerate Your Business With EPCM Automator

This is the Office Automation system for the engineering, construction, resources and mining industries which ensures less resources are used, greater efficiencies are achieved, with industry leading compliance...on-time and in-budget.

EPCM Management is an exacting business where effectively managing complex projects and packages, with compliance requirements, geographically dispersed teams and large amounts of information is challenging. While information systems are key to achieving this, disparate and conflicting information systems often work in isolation from business processes and are poorly aligned with business strategy and objectives.

EPCM Automator integrates easily into different environments and is designed to automate highly complex EPC workflows, including complex exception handling involving people, applications, information and other systems.
With fully featured Enterprise Content Management and Communications Management capabilities, EPCM Automator manages document, email and other record creation and retention, ensuring that companies can meet legal obligations in a cost effective manner.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office, provides a familiar platform for most users, while delivering a highly efficient set of Business Productivity Tools.

Dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators allow monitoring of project schedules in real time.


Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity
Industry specific automated processes improve efficiency and reduce costs. Users have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Track Everything – Lose Nothing
Every document, drawing, email, attachment, letter, fax and phone discussion is numbered, stored and tracked.

Standardized, automated processes are designed to meet ISO9001, ISO20,000 and other standards making compliance, and compliance auditing, simple.

Legal Enforcement and Auditability 
EPCM Automator satisfies record retention requirements for admissible evidence. All transactions, edits and changes are time stamped and fully auditable.

Executive Dashboards can be focused to monitor your key project performance indicators. Reduce your risk.

Style Management
Every document, email, fax and letter created automatically complies with corporate standards on a company, project and package level.

Project Control - EPCM

  • Data sheet
  • Addendums
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Phase datasheets
  • Purchase orders, Request for Services
  • Proposed Instructions, Variations
  • Notice of Practical Completion, Warranty
  • Employment details and history
  • Resume and training history
  • Charge out rates
  • Employee diary, and all communications
  • Register then activate
  • Contract content control
  • Specific conditions/attachments and appendices
  • Creation overhead slashed
  • Document navigation
  • Management
  • Manage your HSE to ISO14001 and AS4804
  • Reporting, tracking and management
  • Centrally manage compliance documentation  standards

A few sample projects that have leveraged EPCM Automator

  • Hope Downs and Hope Downs South
  • George Fisher Project
  • Bulong Nickel
  • Gunpowder Copper
  • plus many more...
References are readily availalble for all aspects of EPCM undertaken.
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