The Office Automator Product Suite is the first time that a  complete range of Office Automation products has been not only developed, but proven to provide for either individual or fully integrated and enterprise wide solutions.

We invite your review of the product suite and then request a demonstration either online or face to face to see how it your business can gain a competitive advantage.

You are empowered to take YOUR business processes and rapidly automate them saving your business substantial resources, money and time... all while empowering your staff for massive productivity gains .

Documents are stored according to the way the organization works, making documents simple to find. DMS Automator also has powerful search mechanisms, cross referencing and association capabilities to allow groups of documents to be easily managed.

With fully featured Enterprise Content Management and Communications Management capabilities, EPCM Automator manages document, email and other record creation and retention, ensuring that companies can meet legal obligations in a cost effective manner.

ECTS Automator delivers a powerful, flexible solution for storing and tracking email, phone calls, faxes and physical communications such as letters and tender documents. A central contacts database makes managing customer and employee information simple.
CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. specifically for those in the construction industry but do not need all of the functionality of the EPCM product. Take complete control of your construction projects in manner never before thought achievable. 
Why is OA different?