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Employment At Office Automation

 Jobs At OA

We welcome expressions of interest from passionate people interested in Business Process Automation.
While we don't always have specific jobs that we are recruiting for, we do like to hear from people who are interested in making businesses more efficient and effective, more accountable and systemised and we will add you to a list and send announcements of any new jobs the we are recruiting for.
Our team work in areas such as;
  • Business Process Analysis - mapping out work flows and recommending how OA should be set up for maximum benefit
  • Business Process Application Developers - which is NOT a software development role. It  is implementing automation and work flows in our proprietary automation systems. Training provided, but good to expert level knowledge of Microsoft Word is expected
  • Software Development - we are constantly developing and updating software and developing cloud based applications
  • Sales and Marketing - Preparing and presenting OA solutions for individual client requirements to introduce new clients to the benefits of automated business processes.
  • Training and Support - keeping our clients working and understanding their OA systems so they get maximum value and results from it.
Please feel free to forward your expression of interest to us using the Join Our Team form. We cant guarantee anything but you will be informed of job opportunities as they come up and if we are really impressed...who knows.