Office Automator announces ECTS Automator Version 8.0

06/06/2017 at 4:15am - Saadmin01
Office Automator, a leader in Business Process Automation today released ECTS Automator 8.0. "This new product provides our customers with powerful email and communications management and is easy to integrate into existing Microsoft Outlook/Exchange environments" said Mark Stevens, CEO at Office Automator.
ECTS Automator delivers a powerful, flexible solution for storing and tracking email, phone calls, faxes and physical communications such as letters and tender documents. A central contacts database makes managing customer and employee information simple. It integrates tightly with Microsoft Office for correspondence, emails, tasks and calendaring, minimizing user training. All communications (including attachments) are recorded, tracked, cross referenced and (in the case of emails) threaded, making them easily searchable and auditable.

About Office Automation
Since 1996 Office Automation Pty Ltd has been building industry leading Business Process Automation solutions which have been implemented by companies in a variety of industries including the engineering , construction and resource sectors.

Office Automator systems for Business Process Management, EPC, Document Management and Communications Tracking are designed to automate your existing business processes, rather than to impose a different working style and incorporate fully featured document management, revision control and email tracking.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, our systems have been deployed around the world , including USA, Canada, Israel and South Africa.
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